949 Area Code Location, Time Zone, Numbers

949 Area Code

State: California

Major City: Irvine

Timezone: Pacific

Area Code: 949

Standard time zone: GMT -7 hours

Current Time: 7:11:18 am

Do you want to know what area code is 949? Continue reading to find out more about 949 area code location and timezone.

Area code 949 is a Californian telephone area code that was created from a split of the area code 714 in 1998. This area code is located in the Pacific timezone and covers mostly southern Orange County as well as a small area of northwest San Diego County. 949 serves the cities of Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, Aliso Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Juego Capistrano, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Tustin, Las Flores, and Coto de Caza.

Is 949 area code legitimate?

The 949 is a legitimate area code for the Orange County in the state of California. However, since many individuals and businesses today own 949 numbers, scammers use this opportunity to hide behind false 949 numbers just to make it seem like they’re calling from this area code. They’re doing this in order to gain people’s trust and trick them into answering the phone and revealing their personal information so that they can get their money. The best thing to do if you ever get a call from 949 number you don’t recognize is to never answer or simply block the phone number.

Where is the area code 949 from?

As mentioned above, 949 was created from a split of area code 714 and was officially put into service on April 18, 1998. This area code covers the region of southern Orange County including small part of northwest San Diego County in California. 949 has telephone numbers assigned for the dialing code 988 (which is fot the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline), therefore this area code is scheduled to transition to obligatory ten-digit dialing from October 24, 2021.

949 Area Code Map

Here is the map for the area code 949 which serves southern Orange County in the state of California.

How can I get an 949 number?

949 covers almost 66 square miles and is located in southern Orange County. With a population of 3.176 million people, Orange County is renowned as the Gold Coast of California and a thriving hub for business, tourism, and shopping. Located in the heart of Southern California, Orange County has 42 miles of coastline, plenty of beautiful and small beach towns, amazing theme parks, gorgeous beaches, and luxury shops.

It is also the home to some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions like Disney California Adventure Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, Heisler Park, Balboa Island, and Mission San Juan Capistrano. Even though Orange County is home to a huge number of Fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Mazda, and Samsung, this area is also great for startups. Irvine is the biggest city in Orange County and the 15th largest city in the entire state of California. With an estimated population of 257,000 people, Irvine is known as a dynamic business and tourism location. Some of the biggest industries in Irvine include manufacturing, educational services, scientific as well as technological services.

So, whether you have a small business and you’re just starting out or you’re planning to expand your business in Orange County and whichever sector you’re in, establishing a business presence in this area can be advantageous. And in order to establish a strong local presence here, you will need a telephone number area code 949. If you want to break into the huge Orange County market, it’s essential to have a local phone number that your customers will recognize and will be able to call without paying for long distance. Contact your mobile network operator to find out how you can get your own 949 phone number for your business.

How do I block unwanted 949 calls?

Scammers nowadays often use phone numbers that look genuine to con people into answering the phone or replying to text messages. And throughout the years, there have been many complaints about scam calls and text messages from this Californian area code. So, if you’re still getting a lot of unwanted calls from 949 area code and you’re wondering how to stop these calls, continue reading to discover some tips.

Here’s how to block those unwanted 949 area code text messages and calls:

  • Protect your mobile device from scam calls with one of the numerous third-party apps that will block suspicious calls and messages for you
  • Add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry to stop robocalls
  • Check with your mobile network operator for any call-blocking services they’re offering
  • Block the specific number that’s been bothering you on your mobile device
  • If you get a spam text message, do not follow any links and don’t respond to the message
  • If you answer a spam call do not reveal your credit card or any other bank details.

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