805 Area Code Location, Time Zone, Numbers

805 Area Code

State: California

Major City: Oxnard

Timezone: Pacific

Area Code: 805

Standard time zone: GMT -8 hours

Current Time: 4:37:16 am

If you received a call from an 805 phone number, you might be wondering what area code is 805? Continue reading to find out everything you’ve wanted to know including 805 area code location, history, and timezone.

Area code 805 is a Californian telephone area code that was created from a split of area code 213 in 1957. In 2017, area code 820 was added as an overlay area code to 805. Both 805 and 820 cover the San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, as well as the southernmost areas of Monterey County.

Major cities that are being served by this area code include Atascadero, Arroyo Grande, Avila Beach, Brandeis, Buellton, Bradley, Cambria, Camarillo, Cayucos, Casmalia, Carpinteria, Creston, El Paso De Robles, Fillmore, Grover Beach, Goleta, Guadalupe, Lompoc, Harmony, Los Alamos, Los Olivos, Los Osos, Moorpark, Morro Bay, Nipomo, Newbury Park, Oak View, Oak Park, Oceano, Ojai, Oxnard, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, Piru, Port Hueneme, Point Mugu Nawc, San Simeon, San Miguel, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Santa Paula, Santa Ynez, Simi Valley, Shandon, Solvang, Summerland, Somis, San Buenaventura, Thousand Oaks, Templeton, and Westlake Village. The 805 area code also serves the US military facilities in Kwajalein in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Another important thing you need to know about this area code is that it is located in the Pacific timezone.

Is 805 area code legitimate?

Even though 805 is a legitimate area code for the state of California, scammers can use this area code just like any other in order to trick people into answering the calls and asking for their personal information. Be careful and do not answer if you don’t recognize the phone number, because you may be the victim of a scam. And if you do answer a call from an unknown number, do not give your personal information, hang up, and block the number.

Where is the area code 805 from?

805 was originally created in 1957, from a split of area code 213. This area code covers the counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and the southernmost regions of Monterey County in California. In 1999, 805 was split and area code 661 was created to cover the Santa Clarita Valley, San Joaquin Valley, and Antelope Valley. In 2016, 805 was almost completely exhausted, so on May 25, 2017, area code 820 was added as an overlay code to serve the same regions as 805. This made the ten-digit dialing mandatory for all calls.

805 Area Code Map

Here is the map for the area code 805 which serves the Californian counties of Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Monterey.

How can I get an 805 number?

We mentioned that 805 covers four counties in California, but it also covers US military facilities on the island of Kwajalein, which is located 2,100 nautical miles southwest of Honolulu, Hawaii. This region is mainly coastal with Air Force and Naval presence. This area code has an approximate population of 1,776,827 people and apart from the military, this area code is home to industries like manufacturing, health care, entertainment, tourism, agriculture, and information technology.

Santa Barbara County, one of the most beautiful counties in SoCal, was widely known for being home to oil fields and the Vanderberg Air Force Base. However, nowadays it’s also renowned for its software research and high-quality wine production. Blessed with gorgeous beaches and vineyards, the Santa Barbara County consists of cities that score very high on both tourism and business opportunities. The counties of San Luis Obispo and Ventura share their boundaries with Santa Barbara and are also famous for their gorgeous sandy beaches, amazing boutiques, and shopping centers, and its abundance of outdoor activities.

The city of Oxnard in Ventura County is notable for being California’s largest strawberry producer and a center for the manufacturing industry in the region. Now that you know more about the 805 area, you might be considering of expanding your business in this region. In order to do that, you will need a telephone number area code 805 that will help you easily establish yourself as a reputable local business in Santa Barbara. Contact your mobile network carrier to find out how to get your own 805 numbers for your business.

How do I block unwanted 805 calls?

Too many unwanted calls from 805 area code? No one enjoys aggressive telemarketing calls or spam calls, so if you’re getting tired of nuisance 805 area code texts or calls, there are a few things you can try to stop them.

– Use your cell phone’s built-in features that identify all incoming calls and block phone numbers

– If you’re getting unwanted calls from the same phone number, you can block it from the call log

– Use third-party apps that specialize in dealing with spam calls

– Contact your mobile network carrier to find out which call blocking options they’re offering

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