714 Area Code Location, Time Zone, Map, Numbers

714 Area Code Map

State: California

Major City: Anaheim

Timezone: Pacific

Area Code: 714

Standard Time Zone: GMT -8 hours

Current Time: 4:46:26 am

Wondering what area code is 714? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know including the 714 area code location and timezone!

Area code 714 covers the state of California and was officially introduced on January 1, 1951. 714 was actually created as a split from area code 213. 714 area code covers the northern Orange County, a part of Los Angeles County, as well as the Sleepy Hollow and Carbon Canyon areas of Chino Hills in the San Bernadino County. Some of the biggest cities that are covered by this area code include Anaheim, Santa Ana, Buena Park, Aliso Viejo, Brea, Fullerton, Cypress, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Irvine, Lake Forest, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Orange, Midway City, Seal Beach, Yorba Linda, Silverado, Westminster, Tustin, Placentia, Villa Park, Costa Mesa, Stanton, San Juan Capistrano, and La Mirada. This area code lies in the Pacific time zone and observes Daylight Savings time.

By 2007, 714 has exhausted all possible numbers, so in 2008, area code 657 was created with the intention of becoming an overlay area code to the 714 region. The newer 657 area code serves people in the same geographic area as 714. Since 2008, all calls made within the 714 or 657 area code must be completed by dialing 1 + area code + 7 digit number, except three-digit calls like 911 or 611.

Is 714 area code legitimate?

714 country code is a legitimate area code that covers the northern Orange County, a small region of Los Angeles county, and Sleepy Hollow and Carbon Canyon in San Bernardino County in California, United States. However, California is always on the top of the list of the states that receive the most robocalls, so if you’re constantly getting calls from 714 numbers, you need to be cautious. Scammers will spoof telephone numbers pretending to be from your local area code, so if you receive a sudden call or a text message from a number or area code you don’t recognize, just don’t answer it. If this is a robocall or a spam call, calling and texting back can be pretty expensive.

Where is the area code 714 from?

714 was created as a split from area code 213 back in 1951. 714 is a California telephone area code that covers the Anaheim, Tustin, Placentia, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Brea, Huntington Beach, and others. In 1998, 714 was split again and some telephone numbers had to be updated to area code 949. Due to California’s ongoing growth, 714 has exhausted all numbers, and finally, in 2008, area code 657 was overlaid onto the 714 region.

714 Area Code Map

Here is the map for the area code 714 located in California, United States.

How can I get a 714 number?

With almost 40 million people, California is the most populous state in the United States. Also known as the Golden State, California is one of the wealthiest and most socially influential states in the U.S. California is the home to Hollywood’s biggest stars and Silicon Valley’s tech giants, but other industries such as real estate, computer, electronics, fashion, and manufacturing industry bring in much more money and contribute the most to the state’s growing economy.

California is also known for its amazing universities and the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S., such as the Yosemite National Park. So, if you’re thinking of starting or growing your business in California, you will need a 714 number that will be tied to your location. Customers often prefer to call a local number with an area code they recognize, so making potential customers feel comfortable and safe will benefit your business. Contact your mobile service provider to get your own telephone number area code 714.

How do I block unwanted 714 calls?

Do you keep getting unwanted calls from 714 area code? If you’re receiving too many 714 area code texts or spam calls, you need to be careful and contact your mobile service provider to get info about different call blocking tools or apps they might offer. Scammers will disguise their number and they will call and wait for the victim to answer and then hang up, play hold music to keep the victim on the line or send a text message. Calling or texting back can be costly, so if you receive a call or text from an unknown number, don’t answer – if it’s someone you know, they’ll definitely call back. If a particular number keeps bothering you, you can block the caller on your cell phone.