619 Area Code Location, Time Zone, Numbers

619 Area Code

State: California

Major City: San Diego

Timezone: Pacific

Area Code: 619

Standard time zone: GMT -8 hours

Current Time: 4:35:23 am

Did you get a call from a new area code (619)? Do you want to know what area code is 619 and whether it’s a legitimate or not? Keep reading and you’ll find out more about 619 area code location and timezone!

Area code 619 is a Californian area code that serves a big portion of the San Diego County. It was created from a split off from area code 714 and officially put in service in 1982. What’s interesting about this telephone area code is that 619 was also the first new area code in California since 1959, when 707 was added. This area code originally covered the southernmost region of California, all the way from San Diego to Nevada, but in 1997 most of the outer northern San Diego and the desert areas in southeastern California split into 760. On the other hand, the northern half of Sand Diego and its northern suburban areas split into 858.

Area codes 619 and 858 serve the cities of Alpine, Bonita, Campo, Boulevard, Coronado, Chula Vista, Descanso, Del Mar, Dulzura, Guatay, Jucumba, El Cajon, Imperial Beach, Jamul, La Mesa, La Jolla, Lemon Grove, Lakeside, Mount Laguna, Lincoln Acres, Pine Valley, National City, Potreto, Poway, Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho San Diego, San Diego, Santee, Solana Beach, San Ysidro, Tecate, and Spring Valley. 619 lies within the Pacific timezone (America/Los Angeles).

Is 619 area code legitimate?

619 belongs to the state of California and serves the San Diego County, which means that it’s a legitimate area code. So, if you get a call from a 619 phone number, you’ll probably think that someone is calling you from this area code. However, even though 619 is a genuine area code, you should really be careful if you don’t recognize the phone number that’s calling you. Scammers nowadays mask their real numbers to try to make them appear as if they’re calling from a certain area code. They’re doing this in order to increase the chances of more people answering the calls which also means a greater likelihood of getting more victims.

Where is the area code 619 from?

As we previously stated, 619 has been created from a split from area code 714 in 1982. In the beginning, this area code served all of the southernmost region of California, extending from the Pacific Ocean to Nevada and down to Mexico. However, today along with 858, 619 serves most of the San Diego County and its surrounding areas. According to experts, despite the continued growth of this region, San Diego won’t need another area code until 2043.

619 Area Code Map

Here is the map for the area code 619 that serves the San Diego County and its surrounding areas in the state of California.

How can I get an 619 number?

Thanks to its pleasant weather, amazing beaches, delicious cuisine, a variety of outdoor activities, as well as great accessibility – the city of San Diego is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, this sunny city is also one of the best places in the U.S. for small businesses. Due to its growing economy and proximity to Los Angeles, the city of San Diego is an excellent location for businesses. Manufacturing, tourism, defense, and international trade are some of the main sectors that drive its economy.

If you’ve already decided to start or expand your business in this area with more than 1.41 million residents, the next step would be to get a telephone number area code 619. A phone number with this area code will help you to build a local presence in San Diego and its surrounding areas. Having 619 numbers for your business will help you attract more customers by connecting you to the majority of San Diego County including the cities Chula Vista, La Mesa, Coronado, and El Cajon. For details on how to get your own 619 telephone number, contact your mobile network carrier.

How do I block unwanted 619 calls?

Are you getting a lot of unexpected calls or 619 area code text messages? Here are a few tips on how to block unwanted calls from 619 area code:

1. See what call blocking services your mobile network carrier offers – some are free, others might charge a fee

2. See what built-in features your mobile phone has – many mobile phones nowadays let you block calls from specific numbers. You can also turn the Do Not Disturb mode, which allows you to limit or completely mute all calls and notifications on your device

3. Download a call blocking app – some apps are completely free, while others require a monthly fee

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