516 Area Code Location, Time Zone, Map, Numbers

516 Area Code Map

State: New York

Major City: Hempstead

Timezone: Eastern

Area Code: 516

Standard Time Zone: GMT -5 hours

Current Time: 7:41:39 am

Area code 516 belongs to the state of New York – it serves Nassau County, located on western Long Island. When the North American Numbering Plan was first founded back in 1947, Suffolk and Nassau counties, as well as the lower Hudson Valley, were assigned the same 914 area code. However, in 1951, Suffolk and Nassau were selected as separate numbering plan areas and were assigned the 516 area code. Then in 1991, Suffolk was again separated as a different numbering plan area with area code 631, while Nassau retained its area code 516.

Some of the largest cities that use area code 516 include Brentwood, Levittown, Hempstead, Hicksville, Freeport, Elmont, Long Beach, East Meadow, Valley Stream, and Franklin Square. Other cities and towns that are covered by area code 516 are Amityville, Albertson, Atlantic Beach, Bayville, Bellmore, Bethpage, East Norwich, Fishers Island, Floral Park, Farmingdale, Glen Head, Glen Cove, Garden City, Inwood, New Hyde Park, Old Westbury, Old Bethpage, Oceanside, Hewlett, Jericho, Rockville Centre, Roosevelt, Seaford, Plainview, Roslyn, Sayville, Seacliff, Syosset, Springfield Gardens, Uniondale, Woodbury, Woodmere, Williston Park, Wantagh, and others. Area code 516 is located in the Eastern time zone with Daylight Saving in the summer.

Is 516 area code legitimate?

Located in the most densely populated county in New York, the 516 is a legitimate area code that encompasses over 1.5 million individuals and businesses in over 76 cities in Nassau County. However, that doesn’t mean that fraudsters won’t be able to use 516 numbers to scam people and get their money.

Phone scams have been around forever, and thanks to the advances in technology and the rise of smartphones, every one of us have our devices on us all of the time. This means that there will be much more opportunities for callers to trick people with pleas for help or false claims. That’s why you need to be careful, so even if someone with an area code 516 phone number calls you and asks for your personal information, you should know that it’s likely a scam.

Where is the area code 516 from?

As we mentioned above, the 516 country code was first created as a split from area code 914. On 01.01.1951, area code 516 was assigned to Suffolk and Nassau counties, but later in 1991, Nassau was the only geographical region that was left with area code 516.

Situated on western Long Island, Nassau County is the most heavily populated as well as the second-most populous county in New York City. Nassau is also known as the richest and most expensive county in the whole of New York. The county’s name comes from the old name for Long Island, which was then named Nassau, after the Dutch Prince William of Nassau.

516 Area Code Map

Here is the map for the area code 516 which is assigned to the state of New York.

How can I get a 516 number?

A study conducted by the North American Plan Association in 2018, predicted exhaustion of the available phone numbers with area code 516 by the year 2023. Thanks to the great 516 area code location, this area is one of the most sought-after phone numbers, so you might consider getting one to improve your business.

Using local numbers can be beneficial for you and your business, even more than you realize. Virtual phone numbers can make your clients and customers feel more connected to you, make the communication more personal, and will certainly boost your business reputation in the local area. If you want to purchase a 516 number, contact your phone service provider and get your own telephone number area code 516.

How do I block unwanted 516 calls?

Have you received a 516 area code text or a call, asking for your personal or financial info? Be careful, because that might be a scam and someone is trying to trick you. In order to protect yourself from scam calls, do not pick up if the number that’s calling you doesn’t look familiar. Be careful about responding especially if the caller asks for your personal information.

Never give out your account number, social security number, or any identifying information in response to such suspicious calls. And if someone is constantly bothering you on the phone, you can always block any unwanted calls from 516 area code – just look into call blocking apps or tools that will block the calls for you or block that specific number on your phone.

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