512 Area Code Location, Time Zone, Map, Numbers


State: Texas

Major City: Austin

Timezone: Central

Area Code: 512

Standard Time Zone: GMT -6 hours

Current Time: 7:32:59 am

Want to know what area code is 512 and discover more about the geographic region it serves? Read on to find out everything about area code 512 including its location, timezone, and area code map!

512 area code is one of the original North American phone area codes that were created in 1947. 512 serves the city of Austin, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Counties with 512 code include Bastrop County, Burnet County, Fayette County, Caldwell County, Guadalupe County, Lampasas County, Hays County, Llano County, Travis County, Williamson County, and Milam County.

Larger cities that use the 512 country code besides Austin include Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, Leander, Kyle, Pflugerville, Taylor, and Hutto. Other cities and towns that are covered by 512 are Bertram, Briggs, Buchanan Dam, Buda, Cedar Creek, Coupland, Dale, Del Valle, Granger, Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Jarrel, Kempner, Liberty Hill, Lockhart, Manor, Maxwell, Mc Neil, Mc Dade, Muldoon, Prairie, Paige, San Marcos, Spicewood Smithville, Thorndale, Thrall, Walburg, Weir, and others.

This area code follows the Central Time Zone (CST) which is six hours behind the Coordinated Universal Time and is advanced by one hour during Daylight Savings Time in the summer months.

Is 512 area code legitimate?

512 is the telephone area code for Austin, Texas which of course means that it is a legitimate area code. However, scammers nowadays are able to modify their phone numbers to make it seem local, so there have been many reports of 512 being used as a scam. The number on the Caller ID may look as though it’s from someone in your area, but it could be a fraudster from anywhere in the world, who’s disguising their true number and identity. So, in order to avoid being scammed, do not pick up the call if you don’t recognize the telephone number.

Where is the area code 512 from?

512 is one of the first area codes that were created by AT&T and the Bell System in October 1947. Originally, 512 served central and southern Texas, including Austin and San Antonio. However, in 1999, area code 512 was split to form area code 361. Then, in order to prevent exhaustion by the end of the year 2013, area code 737 was also created and added as an overlay code to 512 in July 2013. With the addition of the overlay, in 2013, ten-digit dialing within the 512 area also became obligatory.

512 today services Austin, the capital city of Texas, and the counties of Burnet, Bastrop, Travis, Hays, Caldwell, Milam, and Williamson. Out of all these counties in the 512 area, Travis is the most populated county. Other major cities that use the 512 code include Bertram, Cedar Park, Cedar Creek, Round Rock, Buchanan Dam, Georgetown, Hutto, Kyle, Lockheart, Liberty Hill, Mawell, Rockdale, Smithville, Thorndale, Walburg, San Marcos, and others.

512 Area Code Map

Here is the map for the area code 512 which covers Austin in Texas and its suburbs.

How can I get an 512 number?

512 is the area code for Austin, the capital city of Texas, also known as the Live Music Capital of the world. This highly musical and incredibly friendly city is popular for its vibrant nightlife and it is the only city to have an F1 venue in the United States. Austin is also considered to be one of the best places in the US for startups and small businesses. Thanks to its fast-growing tech community, the low cost of living, and the easy access to government institutions, this amazing city is probably one of the best places to start or expand your business.

So, if you’re considering getting a telephone number area code 512 due to the good 512 area code location, contact a mobile service provider and purchase your own number. Having local 512 numbers will link your business with the 512 area and will certainly help your business build trust and authority. By choosing a local number you’ll give the impression of being a local and you’ll attract more potential customers because they’re more likely to trust you. Also, people often want to support local businesses, which is why if you’re considering expanding your business in Austin, it’s crucial to have a local 512 number.

How do I block unwanted 512 calls?

As we mentioned above, 512 is a legitimate area code but scammers can also use 512 to trick you into thinking they’re from your local area. If you want to avoid becoming a victim of phone scams, do not answer calls or reply to 512 area code texts from anyone you don’t know. If it’s your friends or family and they’re calling you from a new phone number you don’t recognize, they will surely leave a voicemail for you.

However, if you’re receiving too many unsolicited calls, you’re probably wondering what to do to stop it and how to block unwanted calls from 512 area code. There are few things you can do:

-Add your telephone number to the National Do Not Call List

-Block unwanted incoming calls with the help of a call blocking app

-Block the specific phone number on your Android or iPhone

-Call your mobile carrier for more information on any call blocking services (free or paid) they offer

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