480 Area Code Location, Time Zone, Map, Numbers

480 Area Code

State: Arizona

Major City: Mesa

Timezone: Mountain

Area Code: 480

Standard time zone: GMT -7 hours

Current Time: 7:33:14 am

What area code is 480? Keep reading to discover everything you’ve wanted to know about 480 area code location, timezone, and history.

Area code 480 is a North American telephone area code that serves the state of Arizona, particularly the northern and eastern regions of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The area code was created on January 11th in 1999 from a split of area code 602, and went into service on March 1st the same year.

The 480 area code covers the cities of Apache Junction, Cave Creek, Carefree, Chandler, Chandler Heights, Fort McDowell, Fountain Hills, Higley, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, Phoenix, San Tan Valley, Paradise Valley, Rio Verde, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gold Canyon, Guadalupe, and Tortilla Flat. This area code is located in the Mountain time zone, and is expected to reach exhaustion by the first quarter of year 2024.

Is 480 area code legitimate?

480 is a telephone area code for the state of Arizona, United States, therefore it is a legitimate area code. However, scammers have a tendency to spoof phone numbers to hide the real phone numbers they’re calling from, so that these calls can appear to be from your local area code. This means that when you get a 480 phone call, you might think it’s someone you know from this area, and you wouldn’t know it’s a scam call until you picked up the phone. So, be careful and if you don’t know the number, it’s best to not answer at all, because the call might cost you a large amount of money.

Where is the area code 480 from?

As mentioned, 480 is an area code that was created on January 11th, 1999 from a split of area code 602, when it became obvious that the Valley of the Sun was growing extremely fas,t so it needed more area codes. 480 went officially into service on March 1st, 1999 and it is the code for the East Valley, while area code 623 is assigned to the West Valley, and 602 remained for most of Phoenix. Together, the three Valley area codes create one of biggest local calling areas in western United States.

480 was created because 602 was running out of possible numbers four years after its creation from a split of area code 520. At first, 480 was meant to be an overlay code for the entire Phoenix area, however a three-way split was chosen instead and 480 was finally assigned to the East Valley. Today, this area code serves the cities of Mesa, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Chandler, etc.

480 Area Code Map

Here is the map for the area code 480 which serves the state of Arizona, United States.

How can I get an 480 number?

Located east of Phoenix (the capital city of Arizona), Mesa is the third largest city in the state of Arizona after Phoenix and Tuscon. It is also the largest suburban city in the entire U.S. and has an estimated population of 499,720 people. Mesa is a city with diverse population, rich culture, and offers both small and big businesses many opportunities to grow. Even though there are no Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 companies in Mesa, the city of Tempe which is also within the 480 area is home to a few, such as Insight Enterprises, Amkor Technology, and First Solar. Scottsdale, which is another city within the 480 area, is home to five Fortune 100 companies including Carlisle, Magellan Health, GoDaddy, Meritage Homes, and Taylor Morrison Home.

Some of the biggest employers in Mesa include Mesa Public Schools, Banner Health System, Walmart, Drivetime Auto Group, Boeing, and Empire Southwest. The three most common occupations for the residents of the city are health care and social assistance, retail trade, and educational services. Mesa is known for its beautiful arheological sites like the Park of the Canals and the Mesa Grande Ruins, as well as for its recreational parks, golf courses, hotels, restaurants and music events. In 2011, Mesa ranked #7 on Forbes list of “America’s Safest Cities” and in 2015 it was one of the “25 Best Places to Retire”.

So, if you want to grow your business in Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Tempe, you will definitely need a telephone number area code 480. A 480 phone number will help you when it comes to showing your local presence in this area and gain the trust of potential customers more quickly. Time has proven that customers are more likely to call local phone numbers because they believe that local businesses understand them and their needs much better. People prefer to support local businesses, so 480 numbers can really help you attract more customers and take your business to that next level. Contact your phone carrier to find out how to get your own 480 phone number for business.

How do I block unwanted 480 calls?

Are you getting a lot of unwanted calls from 480 area code at unexpected times? Here’s how to reduce or block these spam 480 area code text messages and calls:

– If you get a spam text message – do not reply to it, because this will let the spammer know that your phone is genuine.

– Do not give out your personal information and do not click on any links that might be in the text

– Check your phone’s settings. Whether you’re an iPhone or an Android user, you have a built-in blocking option, so that you can block any number that’s been bothering you

– You can also place you phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry, which blocks the majority of the telemarketing calls

– Check with your phone carrier for any call-blocking tools they’re offering

– Use third-party apps that block spam calls

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