415 Area Code Location, Time Zone, Map, Numbers

415 Area Code Map

State: California

Major City: San Francisco

Timezone: Pacific

Area Code: 415

Standard Time Zone: GMT -8 hours

Current Time: 6:21:40 am

Are you wondering what area code is 415? Read on to find out everything you wanted to know including 415 area code location and time zone!

415 area code is one of the original area codes that were created by AT&T and the Bell System, and it was launched on January 1, 1947. Area code 415 belongs to the state of California, United States, and covers San Francisco’s area and the city’s northern suburbs in Marin County as well the northeast area of San Marino County.

Other major cities that are served by 415 include Fairfax, Corte Madera, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Sausalito, Daly City, Tiburon, Brisbane, Belv Kentfield, Bolinas, Stinson Beach, San Geronimo, Nicasio, Alto, Inverness, Muir Beach, Point Reyes Station, and others. On March 21, 2015, 415 was overlaid by area code 628 and ten-digit dialing for these two area codes became compulsory. This area code lies within the Pacific time zone which is also known as America/Los Angeles.

Is 415 area code legitimate?

415 country code is a legitimate area code that covers the San Francisco area in California. However, if you think that you’re receiving more robocalls from this area code, you’re not wrong. According to YouMail, a robocall blocker, California is one of the most robocalled states in the United States, and San Francisco and Los Angeles are the cities with the most spam calls ever year.

Where is the area code 415 from?

Area code 415 is one of the earliest area codes that were created by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947. The state of California was then split up into three different numbering plan areas and 415 was initially assigned to central California. However, in 1950, 415 started covering the coastal region from the North Coast all the way to the Oregon border, and in 1953 the entire Bay Area started using the area code 415.

415 has been split three times throughout the years, due to the Bay Area’s quick economic growth. In 1959, area code 408 was split from 415 and assigned to San Jose and South Bay. In 1991, area code 510 was created with the intention to serve the East Bay, and in 1997, area code 650 was split from 415 and assigned to cover most of San Mateo County, a portion of San Francisco, and the northwestern area of Santa Clara County. On February 21, 2015, area code 628 was officially added as an overlay to 415, which has made ten-digit dialing in this area obligatory. Today, area codes 415 and 628 serve the same geographic region which is the city of San Francisco, its northern suburbs in Marin County (over the Golden Gate), and the northeast portion of San Mateo County.

415 Area Code Map

Here is the map for the area code 415 located in San Francisco, California, United States.

How can I get a 415 number?

415 is one of the most prestigious and in-demand area codes because it covers a large part of San Francisco city. This U.S. city is one of the wealthiest and most expensive cities to live in. Known for its fast-growing tech industry, San Francisco is also popular as the best city for building startups. That’s why numerous startups are started every year in this city. And the most important thing a startup need is an effective and inexpensive communication, which is why you need to make sure that you have your own telephone number area code 415.

For businesses, having local 415 numbers that people can recognize is of crucial importance because it will give your customers a more local feel. Potential new customers are also more likely to call a phone number that they feel is part of the local community. So, if you want to get a 415 number, call your mobile service provider and find an available local phone number to get closer to your clients and build your local presence.

How do I block unwanted 415 calls?

Spammers and telemarketers are known for spoofing numbers with the same three-digit prefix as the victim’s because they’re aware that people are more likely to respond to calls or text messages from numbers that look local to them. San Francisco is one of the U.S. cities with the most spam calls, so if you’re getting lots of 415 area code texts, robocalls, or spam calls that appear to come from area code 415, you will need to find an effective way to protect yourself.

You might want to consider registering on the National Do Not Call Registry, use one of the numerous call-blocking apps, or manually block the phone numbers on your cell phone, one by one. However, the most effective thing you can do in order to protect yourself from those unwanted calls from 415 area codes is not answering to unknown numbers. But if you do answer and the call seems suspicious, hang up immediately and avoid giving your personal information.